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"Every training session with Betty has been an absolute joy. She’s helped me see what I am capable of in a professional, friendly, and compassionate manner. I never thought I could see such difference in myself, both physically and mentally in only a year."

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"I’ve been working out with Betty for over 3 months now and I would like to say huge thanks to her. I’ve never been overweight, but the transmission from chubby to fit was happening very fast and I could honestly see the visible results after the first month. Betty has a superpower of knowing how far you can go during the workout, I was trying to argue at the begging that enough is enough, but thanks to her experience and knowledge I keep surprising myself. Even though every workout was challenging I also haven’t had even a slightest injury during all that time. I liked her professional approach from the very start – before the first session she set down with me and talked through my expectations from the sessions and medical condition. My main issue was that I needed a lot of work on legs and glutes, which was hard to do because of my knee issues, but can’t be happier with the results I’m getting. And always after giving a bit more “knee challenging” exercise she makes sure at the next session I didn’t feel any discomfort day after. Also workouts are never boring because Betty has probably hundreds of variations of every exercise so it never feels like a routing and very often the morning after the training you being surprised with feeling muscles you never even knew you had. And of course I like that Betty is not shaming me for my eating habbits, she gives great advices on nutrition, but leaves the final choice to you if you following one main rule (Betty can tell you which one=). All of the above makes me look forward to every session. And, of course, let’s not forget how charming and empowering she is."

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"Forget suffering through classes or training sessions that do not meet your needs , Betty is a fresh breeze in the world of personal trainers. She has a great presence and makes you feel comfortable during every workout. She doesn't make you feel silly if you can't do exercise correctly, instead she teaches you technique with patience until you learn. She provides great balance of a friendly encouraging and drill instructor , always looking to improve your performance, pushing you to your limits while making sure the workouts are realisticly managable for your fitness level. I especially appreciate that as i had rather traumatic experiences from being coached before. With Betty I am enjoying every workout. "

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Katka :

"Betty mi pomohla znovu zacit cvicit a dostat se do kondice v období, kdy mi vysoké pracovni nasazení zacalo negativně ovlivňovat zdravi. Venovaly jsme se take nastavení noveho jídelníčku. S Betty trenuji již několik let a nikdy drive jsem nebyla v tak dobre fyzické kondici a nemela tak dobry pocit ze sve postavy. Na společných trénincích me baví jejich rozmanitost, ale take pozitivní pristup a empatie trenérky, která je vzdy schopna přizpůsobit trenink aktuálnímu stavu mému i místu treninku. Nase spolupráce se opet osvědčila po mem úrazu, kdy mi nastavila odpovídající cviceni plan a byla jsem schopna diky cviceni spojenym s rehabilitacemi brzy plne fungovat. Spolupráci s Betty mohu jen doporučit. Jeji znalosti, schopnosti a pozitivní pristup usnadňují nelehkou praci na zdravém a krásném těle."


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